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Yeah, cuz that's what comes to mind...
Old 09-02-2008, 01:33 AM
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Default Yeah, cuz that's what comes to mind...

...when you walk into an eyeglass place.

This guy stumbles in this afternoon (drunk or high?) and comes up to my counter.

DG= Drunk guy

Me= Hi, welcome to ****, how may I help you?
DG= Yeah, I need this appraised. (and proceeds to toss a ring on my counter)
Me= (making sure I heard right) Excuse me?
DG= Yeah, I said I want this appraised.

Now keep in my that this store is wall to wall eyeglasses.

Me= Does this look like a jewelry store to you?
DG= Oh.....well, where's there a jewelry store?
Me= I don't know. Keep walking up and down the block 'till you find one.

DG then stumbles back out. My coworkers were all on the floor cracking up. I mean seriously, WTF! It's Labor Day, I'm working, and I was just not having it today.
If you don't like my attitude, talk to the manager!!! Oh, wait, that would be me!!

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