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Dressed To Unimpress
Old 04-28-2009, 09:57 AM
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Default Dressed To Unimpress

So this happened just this morning.

I work for a small company. We have no uniform, instead the dress code is merely smart, tidy and sensible. For most of the time that translates as clean slacks and either a shirt or a plain no-logo t-shirt. I almost always wear a plain shirt, black trousers, black braces and a plain tie.

This mroning a customer came in a d asked for the boss man. I called him out and the following conversation ensued:

Sc: Morning. I've got a complaint for you
BossMan: Oh
SC: Its about boggles.
ME: oh
SC: Well more precisely it's his appearance. I think you need serious words with him. On Sunday he quite frankly looked scruffy and a mess.
BM: that's odd I don't recall him looking scruffy that day.
SC: well he was when I saw him. He was wearing scruffy tracksuit pants and a sweaty t shirt.
Me: oh yeah. I was wearing that when I saw you.
BM: Really?
Me: yes. It was about five hours after we closed when I was leaving the gym!
BM: ok then. I don't really think you've got grounds to complain then I'm afraid.
SC: You won't do anything then? Well that's appalling. I Won't be coming here again then.
BM: ok, bye bye.
Good customers are as rare as Latinum. Treasure them. ~ The 57th Ferengi Rule Of Acquisition.

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