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Stop calling me!!
Old 09-09-2009, 05:53 PM
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Default Stop calling me!!

Working in my own office away from customers is pretty awesome. I rarely go into the store, and when I do, I look like a customer since I don't have to dress up at all. but I get phone calls that drive me insane. when someone dials 411 and asks for our store, the operator gets 3 numbers... and of course... mine is the first on the list. so they figure I can transfer then (which I can't) and send them my way. most of the time I just give them the store number and thats that. but sometimes I get these gems. (note, this isn't in the sucky customer section because this guy isn't a customer)

Me: meee
CG: call guy

*Ring ring*
Me: hello, Fancy stuff shipping department, how may I help you?
CG: Hi, I was calling for Insurence unlimited bullshitters and I wanted to clear some information with you.
Me: well I... (cuts me off before I can tell him I am not the owner or in the store)
CG: great. I wanted to ask what the address is of the store and if these phone numbers match what is listed
Me: (ok.. I can do that...) alright
CG: lists off info
Me: yea that's right, but I... (cuts me off again)
CG: excellent! ok, I also need to varify your account number with us, if you can just tell me the last 3 digits.
Me: I don't have that, you called the...
CG: oh well date of birth is fine
Me: no, I mean I am not the owner
CG: oh... can you transfer me please?
Me: sorry, I can't. I can give you the store number though, it's actually the secon..
CG: can you just varify the owner is Joe Shmoe?
Me: I don't really want to actually... this is his thing and I don't want to be held for any mess ups. here, just call the second number you read off.
CG: ok, thanks anyway!
Me: no problem.

2 minutes later *RING RING*
Me: same speech
CG: Hi Joe shmoe?
Me: uh.. no you called the same number again.
CG: I'm sure I dialed the right one... ok... what is it again
Me: 555-5555. just ask for joe, one of the store clerks will most likely answer.
CG: ok thanks.

5 Minutes later *ring ring* (this time i see the info and know its him)
Me: wrong number again...
CG: no I called the other one and it made fax noises
Me: (crap... they need a seperate line for that crap) ok... call the other number then (why he didn't just do that with three numbers on him I don't know)
CG: can't you just varify this for me?
Me: "sigh" what do I need to varify?...
CG: name, date of birth, and insurence plan
Me: no you'll have to call him
CG: why?
Me: why? I don't have any of that information. this is shipping and photography, all the files that would be for you are in the store.
CG: ok.. I'll call the other number then.
Me: great.

turns out the guy was a telemarketer that starts the speech off to make it seem like he was our insurence. then once he knows our plan he tries to sell a cheaper on that he can offer us over the phone. I was really pissed about that and kept note of the company name and to never answer the phone for them... they call every... single... week.

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