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I think I beat some kind of record.
Old 12-27-2009, 11:19 PM
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Cool I think I beat some kind of record.

3 SECONDS IN and I already got someone filing a complaint against me.
That's right people, I got the time to open the doors and already I offended someone so bad they'll report me and my horrible, awful ass.

What did I do that was so bad, you may ask?

I DARED follow company policy.

You remember that I said no returns or exchanges this weekend?
Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

This lady had called yesterday asking if she could return the game. At the time, the other clerk didn't know of the no return policy for this weekend.
I got the other angry end of it.

"I want to return this game."
"You'll have to come back tomorrow, Ma'am, we can't do returns today."
*big eyed, offended face* "But we don't live here!"
"I can't do returns today ma'am, look." *points at the big plasticized flier I personally laminated and glued everywhere, especially the copy BEHIND MY MONITOR, which is facing the customer.*
"But we don't live here!!"
"I can't do anything ma'am. Only managers can handle returns and there's none today."
"But we don't live here!"
"I can't do anything ma'am, I do what my boss tells me to and there is no returns today. Or yesterday."
"But we don't live here!"
"Welcome to Corneria."
"I like swords!"

Well, you get the drift.

Then the chorus began. Her and her daughter, in stereo, allegro :"You can't get fucking service in (This Town)!!!"

After that lil bitty tantrum about how much service sucks here, they demanded my name, grabbed a piece of paper and went "The LEAST you could do is get me a pen!" Which I did.

"What's your name??"
"What's your LAST name???"
"You don't need that. There's only one Shiro working here."

Sooooo long story short, they left in a huff along with my horrible, baby-killing service in mind, ready to call back and complain about my terrible habit of following company policy.

I'm actually looking forward to that complaint: I wanna see if she'll tell the truth or lie her ass off.

Yeah, merry Christmas to you too ma'am.
Now would be a good time to visit So Very Unofficial!

"I've had so many nasty customers this week, my bottomless pit is now ankle-deep."-Me.

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