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Published rates????
Old 03-11-2010, 11:42 AM
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Default Published rates????

Quoth Hyndis View Post
You won't find it widely published. Its the dirty little secret of SSD's.

Yes, the MTBF is extremely high, but the actual failure rates tend to be far higher due to issues with the controller chips and/or firmware failures.

With a HDD you usually get some warning if there is mechanical failure, such as the infamous clicking noise. When an SSD goes there is almost never any warning. Its just gone. Everything on it gone unless you have a backup.
Hard to believe, not the causes but the rates you are trying to claim.

There are all sorts of on-line news sites looking for dirt to pull in readers, take another look at the first review of SSDs, he really slagged some of the drives.

Your claim basic come down to "It's a secret, but trust me!", sorry if it was true then there are too many competitive companies who have a lot to gain presently by exposing the facts.

They were not able to hide the access speed slow-down seen in early drives, it was big news, so how are they hiding a high failure rate?

Again, stop looking at your own companies product, too many data base companies who do not build/sell these drives are buying and testing them in bulk for this to be hidden for long.

For your side of claims.

But it seems the claim was first started by a company doing poor research and ran with it from there.

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