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It's drain cleaner!!
Old 09-26-2011, 10:52 AM
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Default It's drain cleaner!!

So I'm having...uhh...issues with the nether plumbing. I've been given some medicine called Lactulose. Haven't had to take liquid medicine for quite some time, reminds me of younger times.

This stuff comes in a bottle that emulates those that drain cleaner comes in!! You know, rigid plastic with a built-in handle. It's sweet but it tastes like burnt yoghurt...I guess that's the milk sugar in it...and it's so thick it makes me gag! XP

I'm glad the stuff is only icky to take though, it seems to be making things more comfortable and otherwise doesn't have any nasty side effects showing. So that's good. And I'm sure burnt yoghurt drain cleaner isn't the nastiest-to-take oral medicine out there, so I guess I'm lucky in that aspect.

Anyone else have icky medicine-taking stories? I remember a formulation aimed at kids that was flavoured with oranges, but it was too sour...too much flavouring...
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