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Bad attempt at a scam.
Old 06-18-2019, 09:25 PM
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Default Bad attempt at a scam.

A "lovely" lady came into my restaurant today, and had a really bad attempt at a scam, that did get shot down.

She came in and had several bags of our caramel popcorn. She said she bought it for a get together, but, she said that it was greasy, and inedible. She also looked at all the bags we had here, and asked if we changed the recipe.

There was one huge flaw with her arguments - the bags were dated Best By March, 29th, which means it was made 2 months before that date - January 29th.

No, she didn't just buy it, because it wouldn't have been for sale past March 29th. She didn't get anything for it, at all.

The thing is, if she would have been honest with me - that she bought it and forgot about it, I would have gladly given her a replacement bag, just to be nice.

Since she was a dishonest, and a scammer - too bad, so sad.
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