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New job and a nice sendoff!
Old 02-06-2019, 07:40 AM
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Default New job and a nice sendoff!

So for a variety of reasons, I've handed in my notice at my existing job and finish next Friday. But before I did that, two glorious things happened.

- We'd be waiting to hear back from the medical board about whether our bridging program was allowed to continue running. Well, they came back today with the news: we're approved. Given that I had a MASSIVE emotional investment in this, that was one bit of great news to see me off.

- On Monday, I went for an interview with a private hospital for an administration role. It is backend though, so not a lot of dealing with the general public. Interview went fairly smoothly, but I underestimated how smoothly until about 20 minutes after the interview when I get a phone call - they offered me the job right then and there (pending reference checks) . The role itself is both different to what I've done previously but at the same time, has some things I've done before - it's basically taking minutes for the various committees in the hospital (barring the board), collating agendas/briefs etc. and then afterwards following up with action items to ensure that they get done. They were VERY upfront with me from the get-go about everything except the pay, but I did some digging and found out that I'll be getting slightly more than what I earn now anyway.

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