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And THIS is why I insisted on wearing a helmet even for Western competitions when I rode for my university's team. Despite the jeers of my much younger teammates. (I started that degree at age 30.) The coach and I literally grew up together from kindergarten on, so she understood, but most of the team just saw me as the old, cowardly fogey.

I've taken enough blows to the skull outside of riding, including a Riverside Shakespeare of the back of the head after a bookcase collapse. I didn't need to court disaster on the back of a 1500lb animal!

Someday I'll be able to afford lessons again. And more importantly, I'll have the *time.*
Yeah, I get so much teasing and crap from people while wearing a helmet even in the barn or as an instructor (in case I need to step into a situation or physically correct position, or even get on the horse myself. I do not want to do any of those without protection and I sure as hell donít want to be fumbling for a helmet if something goes down. Also, just because Iím on the ground in the barn does not mean the horse is suddenly risk-free or safe. Iíve had horses spook at the stupidest things (like the automatic water fillers...the ones he had been drinking out of for years). I find in western particularly people seem to have this no helmets ever thing going on.
Optimism won't solve all your problems, but it annoys everyone else enough to make it worth the effort.
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