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That's not a question. It's a thinly veiled complaint.
Old 12-02-2019, 03:34 AM
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Default That's not a question. It's a thinly veiled complaint.

When I came in today it was really dead because there was a game on and also the snowstorm was keeping people at home. As soon as the game was over and the weather cleared up a bit, of course people started coming in. I was on a project near the back room but my co-workers were up front to greet people as they came in the door. Boss Lady came over and asked me to walk away from my project every so often to take a lap around the store to make sure that people were getting help. After about 5 minutes or so I did. I ended up on register helping people through a small rush. I believe we had at least six employees in our small store. We don't normally but it's the holidays. So for someone to ask BL "Are you the only one working?" it had to be whining and not an honest question. I know that BL told us about it to remind us to be really on our toes when those few customers do come in. That's valid, but at the same time, did the lady not see the six employees who were all wearing the same apron and walking around the store and helping people? I know we have a lot of merchandise and fixtures in the store but all you have to do is poke your head around a corner and you're bound to see an employee somewhere. None of us were in the back room. I mentioned this to one of my co-workers a little bit later and she confirmed that every customer that walked through the door was greeted. She was the one doing the greeting. Our customer base is honestly comprised partly of Karens.
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Old 12-03-2019, 07:03 PM
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It's simple -- Only BL was helping her, therefore, the rest of you might as well not exist. After all, what were you gonna do, waste time helping the lesser customers when your goddess was present? For shame.
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Strange. My goddess only comes into stores when she's invoked . . .
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Old Today, 12:59 PM
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Maybe she's trying to drum up a following? But that only works if she actually gave some benefit for worshipping her
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