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Thank goodness I have tomorrow off
Old 05-14-2020, 03:15 AM
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Default Thank goodness I have tomorrow off

Three customers from today:

1. I ring through customer's goods and she goes to pay by card.


Me: "Try again."


Me: "Uh ... one more time?"


Customer (somewhat embarrassed): "I'm really sorry. Can I go to my car and get another card?"

Me: *sigh*

I call over a supervisor, who suspends the transaction, so I can move on to other customers. When the customer returns with the alternate card, supervisor will finish the transaction.

2. Customer behind the above customer comes through with a much smaller order. I ring her stuff through and tell her the total.

Customer: "Oooh ... I might have to put some things back." She has pulled a massive handful of coins out of her purse. (For anyone who doesn't already know this, in Canada, we no longer have $1 and $2 bills; they are coins.)


Customer: "Um, okay, put back one avocado."

Me: *voids avocado and tells her new total*

Customer: "Oh dear ... put back two pairs of underwear."

Me: *voids 2 pairs of underwear and tells her new total*

Customer: "Okay, put back one chocolate bar."

Me: *voids a chocolate bar and tells her the new total, around $18 and change*

Customer starts counting out loonies and toonies on the counter.


I start sorting the coins so I can be sure of what's there. We get to $16 and she's got a handful of dimes and nickels left ... not $2 and change worth.


I call over the same supervisor and explain the situation. Would she suspend this transaction as well while the women runs to her car and looks for more coins?

Supervisor, to her credit, neither sighed in exasperation nor rolled her eyes. "She's $2 short?"

Me: "Yes, and a bit of change."

Supervisor: "Just give it to her."

Customer was relieved and I certainly was. She handed me the remaining handful of change, gathered her stuff, and left. I have no clue how much was in the handful; I just tossed it into my till and planned to let whoever balanced the till deal with it.

3. This was sometime later. We have a bleach mix that we use to wipe down the belts, which we do every hour or so. Oftener, if it's a really slow shift and we're trying to look busy ...

Customer leaves and new customer promptly steps up.

Customer: "Have you sanitized this belt?"

Me: (thinks) Did you SEE me sanitize it?


It was mildly aggravating but she wasn't being a jerk about it, AND we had a traffic coordinator, so it's not like I was looking at half a dozen other customers standing behind her. I get the belt running and begin to wipe it down.

And wipe it down.

And wipe it down.

And wipe it down.

Customer: "Um, that's quite a long belt ..."

Yep. It is.

I wiped down the keypad as well, which I absolutely do after each customer. Got her rung out with no further issues.


I think at some point I'm going to have to join the lineup at either the beer store or the liquor store.
Customer service: More efficient than a Dementor's kiss
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