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"I don't see any 'No Smoking' signs!"
Old 07-09-2006, 06:39 PM
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Thumbs down "I don't see any 'No Smoking' signs!"

We don't actually have any "No Smoking" signs up, but we're a supermarket.. The other day this guy was at the SCO while his wife was scanning he lit up a cigar! His wife was about ready to pay when I noticed (someone complained about the smell).

Me: Sir, you can't smoke in here.
SC: Why, I don't see any signs!
ME: This is a grocery store you can't smoke in here. It's store policy.
SC: Well I'm not putting this out! Do you know how much these cost!?
SCW: Lets just go (she'd finished bagging).
SC: Fine, I hate this place anyway.
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