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Extremely Disappointing
Old 07-13-2006, 12:48 PM
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Default Extremely Disappointing

What I found extremely disappointing (not just at the gas station, I mean everywhere I worked, but I'll just make references to the gas station since the instances I'm about to tell about are from the gas station) is waiting on a customer that is an employee at any retail store/gas station/restaurant/etc. They of all people should know how to act in a store. I mean, if they have a valid complaint, it should be brought to management's attention immediately. But these people.....I couldn't even believe they actually worked and dealt with SCs all day and then turned around and acted like one where I worked!

One girl works at a Kwik Trip (another gas station), and she'd come to my store nearly every day (because her house was near my store). She'd bark "Marlboro Milds BOX!" (the ever-so-annoying-emphasis needed-on-the-word-BOX). She would sigh heavily and deeply if there was a line and she had to wait. She'd freak out if an item didn't scan and she'd tell me "You better not overcharge me!"

One woman works at Walgreens. I can't even shop at my local Walgreens anymore because of all the old people who hold up the line writing checks and the hordes of stupidity (not all the employees, just her,and the customers). This woman should have definetly known better than to just throw a check at me and try and run. Hello, moron, you deal with checks everyday. You need DL# and exp date, WE DO TOO. I called her on it, and she then proceeded to whip her ID at me as well.

A man works at the grocery store I used to work at, in the liquor department. He deals with carding people and the woes that come with that day in and day out. I thought he'd have more patience, but he didn't. He took one look at the line, huffed and puffed, and flopped all his items on the counter and then threw his credit card onto the counter.

Another girl works at Kwik Trip (a different one than the other Kwik Trip girl, we have 3 where I live), and she of all people would know better than to just shove a $5 in my hand and mutter "Camels".
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Old 07-13-2006, 03:38 PM
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Poor Blas. :comforting pats: there, there™®

I can think of only one excuse, it being that they figure that since their customers can get away with it in their store, they can get away with it elsewhere.

Not a GOOD excuse, by any means, but it probably makes sense to THEM.
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