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Don't know how this ended
Old 08-07-2020, 07:11 AM
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Default Don't know how this ended

While I was at my register today, I heard the coworker behind me say "Just go over there, ma'am, we'll get you a chair."


I glanced around (my customer was paying so I had a moment of respite) and a very elderly lady was being led to the area by the water jugs and somebody was running up with a chair.

Then somebody else ran up with a bucket ...

A third somebody called the store's assistant manager, who came down to deal with the situation. Because she was sitting fairly close to my register I could overhear bits of the conversation: no, she didn't want an ambulance; no, she had nobody they could call to come get her; no, she didn't want a taxi. They chatted for a while, as she sat there, and then people went back to whatever they were doing ... with the management types keeping a wary eye on her.

I'm not sure exactly what else went on but I know I looked around some time later and she was still sitting on a chair ... but now the chair was about 10 feet beyond where she'd originally been sitting. It's possible she tried to get up and leave and then realized she wasn't going to make it and had to sit down again.

I left at least an hour later, and she was still sitting there, still looking not very good.

I'm not sure how it ended. I know you cannot force a person to accept medical help, but if (gods forbid) she was still there at closing time (which would've been something like four or five hours later) ... I'm not sure what their options would've been.
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Old 08-08-2020, 12:42 AM
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I once called 911 because I found an elderly gentleman lying next to his car in the supermarket parking lot. He asked if I could help him into his car, which I did. Then I walked away and called 911. I did not want him driving in that state, even if he said he didn't want any help.

I told the grocery staff about it and hung around until the ambulance showed up. I don't know what happened to him, either.
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