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A doctor comes to town...
Old 03-05-2016, 05:42 AM
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Default A doctor comes to town...

...promising that he will cure any ailment for $500. If he cannot cure you, he will give you $1000 instead.

A young man decides to take advantage of this to earn an easy $500, and goes to see the doctor. "Doctor," he says. "I can't taste a thing!"

"I have just the thing for that," the doctor replies. "Nurse, please fetch the bottle from box 22A and give this man three drops."

The nurse returns with the bottle and puts three drops of its contents on the man's tongue. He jumps up and spits it out. "That tastes like gasoline!"

"Ah, I see I have cured you!" the doctor exclaims. "That will be $500, please." The man leaves $500 poorer.

The next day, he comes back with another ingenious idea. "Doctor, I've lost my memory! I can't remember a thing!"

"Ah, I believe I have a cure for that! Nurse, please administer three drops from the bottle in box 22A."

"But that's gasoline!" the man says, shocked.

"Ah, I see your memory has returned! That will be $500, please."

Now, you may think the man would have ceased his antics, realizing that he would, at best, break even. But no. He returns a third time. "Doctor, I can't see! I've gone completely blind!"

The doctor sighs. "I'm sorry sir, but I don't think I can cure that. Here's your $1000."

"But this is only $500!" the man exclaims.

"Oh, so your vision has returned! That will be $500, please."
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