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Yep, it's a puzzlement ...
Old 06-26-2020, 02:35 AM
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Default Yep, it's a puzzlement ...

My area is supposed to go under mandatory masks in all commercial buildings as of tomorrow.

I work in a big-chain grocery store.


Customer: "So tomorrow we have to have a mask to come in here?"

CW: (was bagging her groceries as I rang them through) "Yes."

Customer: "Well, what if you don't have one?"

Just crawled out of your cave today, did you ... ?

(Please, no fratching about masks, one way or the other ... take it to the fratching group, kthnxbye. And yes, she wasn't sucky but ... really? HOW long have masks been selling like hotcakes for??)
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Old 06-26-2020, 04:40 PM
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Default Answer

Simple answer: No mask, you will get no service. That goes both ways, so it does not matter if you apply the rules to you or me.
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Old 06-27-2020, 03:23 AM
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If any face coverings are acceptable, she could:
  • Wrap a scarf around her face
  • Fold a bandanna diagonally in half, then tie it around her face like a cowboy
  • Check YouTube for various mask-making tutorials
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Old 06-30-2020, 02:06 AM
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I have taken to wearing a scarf going out for just that reason.
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