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Do you know the muffin man...
Old 06-27-2020, 09:14 AM
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Default Do you know the muffin man...

So this old dude gets to the till with two sales muffins and two regular priced muffins. Apparently thereís a sale for buying 4 get them at .99 but this is the first Iím hearing about it. Needless to say he throws a temper tantrum at getting a price check because ďthey were all in the same binĒ bs. Ummm the more you act like a dickhead the less inclined I am to give you your $4.99 muffins for less then a quarter of the price. Am I the only person a bit suspicious here? At this point I should mention Iím at the till leiterally right beside the bakery.

Turns out the sale muffins are on the opposite side of all are other muffins to prevent just this shit from occurring AND theyíre in a sales case where you have to ask for the item AND THEN they print off a sticker for said item.

So the old excuse of someone else must have put it in the wrong place/mislabeled it so I should get it free would be near impossible to be actually valid. It would take somehow managing to print two correct codes and two wrong codes when you simply have to put the code in and then hit enter until you have the appropriate number of stickers. It canít be a customer putting something random back because they didnít want the item because that would mean the customer had to have walked behind the service counter right in front of staff.

So when he storms off with his ďwell I donít want them and Iíll never shop here againĒ (please donít. Really. Youíd be doing us a favour) I get someone to put back his other items that were perishable. Course he comes stomping back demanding to know where his groceries were because heís found a senior staff member who will cater to his shit AND give him a gift card for the inconvenience. Because as usual this store only cares about what the customer feels and not any facts (such as did the person who is having a complaint filed against them actually work that day? Were they even in the same city? No? Then maybe the customer is full of shit)

Lucky for the muffin man I void things properly so there was an itemized cancel transaction receipt since he absolutely refused to reshop or tell us what he was buying (aside from the muffins which were still there, he had milk and bananas so hardly a cart load. He was just old enough to be a bastard about it, maaaybe 50s not so old that he can claim senility and given the way he ran back and forth trying to get someone to listen to his tantrum so he could get free stuff mobility wasnít an issue either. I could understand if this was some retiree but really.)
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Old 06-30-2020, 12:23 PM
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With an attitude like his I bet that's those are the only muffins he can get.
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