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Because we totally put a card on your door to notify you about a dangerous gas leak
Old 04-09-2019, 03:22 AM
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Angry Because we totally put a card on your door to notify you about a dangerous gas leak

Hi everyone.

I haven't been around much since I escaped forward-facing customer service last November (yay happy dance!). I currently work as an admin for a company that helps take care of gas line/meter inspections for the local power conglomocorp. Most of my interactions are with technicians. Bossman knows what to look for when hiring, the guys (and gals, of which we have several) who make up our technician staff are both pleasant and competent, so no issues there.

I do, however, have to take phone calls from the community. When our techs are out surveying and they find a home where the gas meter is inside, they leave a card on the door asking the customer to call (our number is listed) and schedule a meter inspection.

At least two people have assumed that we put a card on a door to notify the owner of the home that there's a serious gas leak and have either called 911, called the gas company (whose call center reps apparently aren't trained on who we are and like to yell at me for "scamming" customers) or called us and started screaming about being in danger and come fix it right now. I get about 3 calls a day with people worried they have a leak but not as panicked because they have some kind of sense.

For those who don't know: if a survey tech actually finds a dangerous gas leak and the source in inaccessible, the next call is to the fire department, who if they can't gain access to shut off gas via less destructive means, will kick down the door.

So don't call me up scared out of your pea brain because you think it's reasonable that we'd notify you of a dangerous gas leak by putting a little yellow card on your door.

PS in reference to getting yelled at for "scamming": yes I know there are nefarious individuals out there who have gained access to homes to rob the owners (or worse) by claiming to be utility technicians. But if your company hires another company to work for you, maybe inform your own employees about it.
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