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What happened?!
Old 07-10-2006, 09:46 PM
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Question What happened?!

Serves me right for not checking in for a few weeks!

I'm back, after an adventurous time:
I was on vacation for a week.
I had my b/f's son's grade 12 grad to attend (with many of his relatives in town for the grad - they had a houseful of people for most of a week, and we had to entertain them).
I'm fighting a nasty sinus infection - I'm on antibiotics and a decongestant, but still don't feel too good.
And. . . I've been exercising my butt off because I plan on running a half-marathon in September. Working 2 jobs isn't exhausting enough - I need to train for a half-marathon as well, cuz I'm a little crazy! I'll keep you all informed of my training progress.

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