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Old 09-15-2008, 06:12 AM
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Quoth MadMike View Post
Two things make me inclined to believe it: One, Aaron didn't go around constantly posting crazy stories like that one; Two, it all fits together too well to be a bunch of crap.
Not to mention timeline.

Even though the story is now condensed, when it was originally posted, it unfolded over a decent length of time.

To me, with the obvious BS stories that are posted, that's the downfall. The story ends up being too neat and gets wrapped up in record time.

They always start out with a small incident, and the perpetrator always just happens to have outstanding charges for something much more serious that ends up causing them to be dragged away in handcuffs. The evil-doer always comes back for retribution, making the situation even worse.

There's never any delay at court. It never gets remanded. It's always dealt with in near record time, considering today's current court system.

(I've had simple assault cases for my foster kids drag out over a year, with us going to court and sitting, only to have it remanded as they didn't have time to deal with it that day, but I've read stories on here where the alleged perpetrator had serious charges for extremely violent crimes, and it was wrapped up in less than a couple of months. By simple assault, I mean petty fighting in a group home with physical contact for which charges were required to be laid in order to send a message. Some of these dudes in the stories have been borderline psychotic murderers, yet the case only takes a few days to wrap up. )

Again, though, the point of this thread is NOT about the BS stories.
It's about telling other members that their customer is not really all that sucky, and making them seem like they had no right to complain or post their story.
Too tired of living and too tired to end it. What a conundrum.

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