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Stop talking to me
Old 05-07-2019, 02:32 AM
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Default Stop talking to me

I'm installing a bank of cubicles. As always, I'm building to plan. However, due to the building's construction, there are a couple of alcoves around the windows behind the panels. It poses no problems whatsoever, except that it's wasted real estate. The customer of course, didn't and/or couldn't read the plans so they aren't aware of this until it's virtually built. Well, it's not my first rodeo, too bad, so sad dumbass, we build to plan, this is a firm company policy. Jobs are quoted to be built to plan, not some change, which inevitably they won't like, so it's another change, and another change, and so on.

But of course, my polite and professional statement of this company policy, along with my offer of a simple solution, to get it properly and happily re-designed then reconfigured, is treated like an insult. Allrightythen, you can go fuck yourself.

Okay, fine, let's make this official, I call my office. Yeah, so the past 1000 jobs I've done where we build to plan and under no circumstances make changes, does this ironclad policy still apply? Oh yes it does? Thank you. Yes, Mr. Customer sir, this has been confirmed, you can indeed go fuck yourself.

Nope, still not willing to accept it.

SC: Doesn't it make more sense to change it now rather than having to take the whole thing apart.
Me: Well considering that I'm half an hour away from having it complete, you are making a moot point, but what really makes sense is reading and comprehending the plans prior to the project beginning.
SC: But we didn't know it was going to look like this, there's all this wasted space
Me: Okay, well as I told you, it's not problem to re-configure it later
SC: But don't you think it's easier to do it now
Me: My opinion is irrelevant, this is my company policy, this is what my office has told me to do
SC: But can't you do it, it will be very quick
Me: No, I follow orders from my office
SC: But this is what we are telling you to do
Me: Okay, we are done, stop talking to me. If you are so insistent on this change, you can argue it with the vendor
SC: But....
Me: No, we're done
SC: Well, I will be speaking to your superior about this
Me: Yeah, that is just what I told you that you have to do

They huff away and I complete things. They refuse to sign because I didn't build it how they wanted. I had to write on my workorder - "As per company policy, workstations built to customer approved plans. Customer requested changes not done." They expected me to write in that the changes would be done at a later time at no charge, I did not even try to hide my contempt for that request.
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Old 05-07-2019, 05:47 PM
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Default Easy

I noticed, people always say how easy it is to do when they do not have to do it themselves.

Old 05-08-2019, 08:43 AM
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Of course it's easy. You just tell(yell) at the guy and it... happens. somehow.
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