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So far no one has mentioned the very original sound operated TV remote...
Hmmm. Wonder if we could swap hands with paws with the kid & the dog. The dog would whine less and the kid might not cause as much trouble...
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First tv set I had was a black and white Admiral portable that Mom put in my room when I was a baby. As long as that tv set was on, I was quiet and she could get housework done.

But turn that set off and . . . . she had NO peace in the house and not only would she rush back in there to turn it back on, she'd give Dad (or whoever turned it off) the Riot Act.

We got our first color console by the mid 70's and it was in the living room . . . and it had a "manual remote" (meaning I would have to get up to change the channel.)

First color tv w/remote Mom bought was back in the late 70s or early 80s and it was in Grandma's room (by this time, Grandma had trouble getting around so it was easier for her to have a remote, which she learned how to use pretty quickly.) That was followed by one for Mom's room and then I got my first color portable (which was one my aunt had when she moved in with us when I was in middle school.) Then my brother got one for his room (after Mom moved him out of Grandma's room and decided he needed his own room and space for his toys.)

The microwave didn't follow until mid 80's and this was after my Dad remarried and he'd bought one for my stepmom the Christmas before their wedding. That was the first time I'd seen a microwave oven and my stepmom showed me how to use it (I was 15 at the time) and I mentioned to Mom that they had one, as well as a built in dishwasher.

Following summer, when my then stepdad updated the kitchen, we got both a microwave oven and a portable dishwasher installed.

I don't purchase anything unless it has a remote nowadays. My oscillating heater has a remote control, my tv and the PS3 both have remotes and the last stereo I bought has a remote (and that JVC is still going after 15 years.)

I recently has a wall A/C unit installed week before last in my office that I bought on sale . . . and it has a remote control.

It's not that I'm lazy . . . it's rather that the arthritis in my back and hips make it hard to get up sometimes and it's easier to point a remote and turn on or off what I need rather than use my phone to text my brother to come do it for me.
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