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The annoying grocrey store customers.
Old 07-10-2006, 07:45 PM
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Default The annoying grocrey store customers.

I work at a popular grocrey store called Publix, and deal with some regular pain in the a-----s. Here are 5 regulars:

"Ms Georgia"

Thats her real name-no affilation with the state. She comes in during busy hours and talks all about her nursing career and how she doesn't like certain workers and wants to punch them in the face.

"Patti the coupon scammer"

She comes in every sat night dressed like a radical hippie. Her husband sits in this car full of junk. She comes in, ignores you if you talk to her, always requests double paper, and brings like 20 expired coupons.

"Bread lady"

She comes in on this electric scooter and always yells at me to treat her bread with tender loving care. She is a b---- about her bread.

"Just go away" lady

Yells at you to just go away if she doesn't like the way you bag it.

"The "I want to leave my cart anywhere" guy

Regular customer who comes in and leaves a cart in the middle of the entrance. If you mover it, he yells at you threating to slap you in the face. Then, he yells at the manager about you.

This is just a daily occurence at the supermarket.
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