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Sometimes they threaten, but this guy actually did it!
Old 06-08-2018, 02:33 AM
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Default Sometimes they threaten, but this guy actually did it!

People can get really frustrated because their equipment isn't working or because cancellations take an eternity or the billing is messed up so they will tell us that if we don't resolve this on their time table, they'll toss the machinery into the dumpster or leave it somewhere. It's federally regulated so there's a hefty fine for that.

I was talking to "Tom" today who was not the guy in the title. He was very nice and in the state next door. (I have to admit I was getting one of those customer crushes.) Anyway, his company bought another and he was simply calling to get the overdue balance paid and get instructions for cancellation at one of their offices, just general stuff. I willingly waived about $200.00 in late fees because I can. He's been dealing with some snafus at their different locations and felt the need to share some of it.

So his company does staffing. The guy who actually pitched a fit and then pitched the equipment in the garbage is related to the owners of the company. In fact, I think Tom said he's the son of one of them? Tom's company ended up paying a $1,000 fine to the government and then they had to pay close to $500 in fees to us. We were laughing the whole call because we were both incredulous. The dude, according to Tom, is in his 40s, a grown man. Tom said he's seen the dude's resumé around the web and of course it does not list this company. That he worked at for 2 years. And that he cost about $1,500. Of course not.

The whole call we kept bringing it up and because who does that? I mean, this is the first time I heard of someone actually carrying it out.
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