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Does this happen to anyone else?
Old 08-12-2017, 10:34 PM
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Question Does this happen to anyone else?

Getting hangry or hungry just when you arrive to work but you've already eaten?
This happens to me. I eat a light breakfast, just a plain sandwich or 2 fruits. Any more and my butt will be singing the blues if you get my drift. I get to my car, feeling fine...park at my workplace, still feeling ok... Clock in, start my shift. Do a little work, and them bam! Five minutes in and my stomach begins rumbling! Wtf. I just fed you, belly. The growling doesn't stop and I feel more and more hungry as work goes on, and a bit cranky. When lunch rolls around, I feel like I haven't eaten in forever and inhale it down like a starving child! At first I thought it was because my job is more physical now, since I'm actually working inside of just standing or sitting. But I remember it happened then too. Does anyone feel exactly like this or is it just me ? I asked around and everyone else said sort of not quite.
I feel it has to do with stress, since my body doesn't act like this if it's my day off :/
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Old 08-13-2017, 02:02 AM
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Until I became sick, I could eat one hour and be starved the next. I've eaten an 18" pizza, two big macs, and had a large shake.. and felt like I hadn't eaten for a week exactly one hour later. Now that I am sick, I have the opposite issue. I always feel full. I can go for days without being hungry, eat a couple of carrots and feel like I've just been thrown out of an all you can eat buffet for eating too much food. It depends on your metabolism, ((pardon this next)) how 'regular' you are, and stomach size. Note: I know a skinny person who could out eat me before I got sick. Has little to do with being overweight like some think.

You probably have a turbo charged metabolism, but yes stress eating is also something that can contribute.
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Old 08-13-2017, 03:27 AM
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Quoth HotelMinion View Post
Getting hangry or hungry just when you arrive to work but you've already eaten?
This happens to me. I eat a light breakfast, just a plain sandwich or 2 fruits.
If I just ate fruit for breakfast... Maybe. I need protein, I think? How about this... Do you get up, get ready, then feel both nauseous and hungry at the same time? I do. I have to make myself eat because I will either fall over or just get very hangry if I don't. I've started drinking a protein shake that's supposed to be vanilla flavored, because it's easy, quick, and doesn't make me more nauseated.

But then at lunch I have to tread a stupid line, because I need to make sure I eat enough but not so much that I feel sleepy or lethargic when I go back on the clock. Very annoying! I see a lot of my CWs go get fast food on lunch, but I'd be useless if I did that.

I realize this makes me seem like I don't eat, or like food or something. That's not it at all! I just like to eat slowly, and when I feel like it. Yet, I have to keep a different schedule due to work, so I have to adapt my habits around it. I should also say my weight stays very close to the same all the time, I'm not at all underweight I'm in the middle of the healthy range.
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Old 08-13-2017, 09:22 AM
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I get this sometimes, but with a twist. I'll be hungry right up until lunch time and then suddenly I'm not hungry anymore. I find I don't even want to eat lunch because for some odd reason I'm feeling full.

Old 08-13-2017, 10:07 AM
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Quoth Arcus View Post
I get this sometimes, but with a twist. I'll be hungry right up until lunch time and then suddenly I'm not hungry anymore. I find I don't even want to eat lunch because for some odd reason I'm feeling full.
I get that fairly often myself, wander around the food court thinking what to eat, eventually just forcing myself to eat something

Old 08-13-2017, 12:01 PM
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Maybe spread things out, if your job will allow you to either keep some food at your desk, or in the breakroom (labeled with your name, of course, for that 5% lower chance of it getting stolen) -- Then just spread them out over the day. Have your usual breakfast (at say, 7am), then a banana at 9, half a granola bar at 11, normal lunch at 12:30 or 1, and so on. This may help to keep yourself feeling sated. Also, be sure to drink plenty of water, natch, even for no better reason than to keep your stomach "busy."
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Old 08-14-2017, 10:02 AM
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It could be you need something with carbs in to start your day. For all that there are fad diets around now low-carb this, that, the other, blah blah blah, carbs are actually there to fuel your body for the coming day. Perhaps porridge, or toast, or even a sandwich? Just something for your body to burn until the next time you can feed it.
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Old 08-14-2017, 11:52 AM
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Yeah, your plain breakfast doesn't sound like much tbh, there's nothing there to sustain you for a long period. A couple of fruits will give you enough energy for something short but not last you until lunch time! There's a reason cereals are the most common breakfast food, the slow-release energy keeps you going longer. Don't forget that mental effort consumes calories just as physical effort does, so on non-work days when you've less pressure to think about things intensively then yes, you could well get by on a smaller, simpler meal; returning to work will have you thinking up a storm about what needs to be done before you even get there, hence becoming hungry as soon as you arrive.

There's also the other possibility that you're bored out of your mind. I tend to get bored-hungry whenever there's nothing to distract me from the tedium of daily drudgery.
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Old 08-14-2017, 12:12 PM
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Are you drinking enough water? Drinks like tea/coffee at breakfast are all well and good, but a large glass of water can really help set you up for the day too. And if you get the tummy rumbles of hunger, try sipping some water - that can often take the feeling away.

Old 08-14-2017, 06:08 PM
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My summer breakfast is yogurt with fruit. It's lovely. But it doesn't last as long as my winter breakfast, which is oatmeal. Rolled oats, not instant. I'm hungry at least an hour to an hour and a half earlier with the yogurt and fruit meal.
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