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Livia curses herself for being distracted for the second it took to lose her grip on the artifact. But there's no time now for Monday-morning-quarterbacking; as the chaos erupts around her, she knows she's got to pitch in.

And she has to fight twice as hard to make up for Cain. He insists he's fine but she can hear a light rasping noise as he breathes, and it gets worse the more effort he expends. It's amazing enough that the silver spear didn't kill him outright; she has no explanation for that, and so doesn't know what damage it has done, nor how to counteract it.

She and Astir attack the invaders in concert, being careful to remain within sight and easy reach of Cain. He seems to be holding his own with the attacking demons. But they both worry how long he can continue to do so.

Then the shafts of golden light strike through the battle, striking Livia, Astir and … Cain. Livia can feel her strength doubling, tripling; she feels as if she could continue to give battle until the sun burns out. Astir's accelerated attacks suggest the same.

But Cain … where has Cain gone? She drops the dead body of her latest victim and pauses … until she hears the deep growl that sounds as if the Earth itself is growling a warning. Astir too has stopped fighting and is staring behind Livia. She turns and sees … the ultimate Dire Wolf, nearly eight feet from nose tip to tail, and weighing in at at least 200 pounds. He moves with the grace and speed of a top predator, and she notices that the rasping noise is gone from his breathing.

Cain bounds back into the battle, fangs already running red. He turns to stare at Livia and Astir as if to say, "Well? What are you waiting for, an engraved invitation??"

Livia, dazed, gives a brief shake and returns to the attack.

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