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Customers of the last couple of months.
Old 05-05-2020, 06:09 PM
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Default Customers of the last couple of months.

Entitled Jackass

These are the only words I can use to describe this man. It was already kind of busy and I was just getting done helping another customer and this prick starts yelling at me from about 50-100 feet away about how he doesn't even work there and he's doing my job. I walk over there and it turns out this douche bag was angry that there were carts blocking the way of where he wanted to park.

You see, we have this loading zone where customers can park to load their vehicle (or have a lot guy like myself load it). That way, they don't have to carry out all this heavy crap into the lot. But for some reason, we also put all the heavy carts, ie flatbeds and lumber carts there so sometimes the area can be a mess. This guy didn't like that he had to move the carts himself to park there and demanded that employees help him right now (whether they were helping other customers or not).

And this all happened before the pandemic reached the states.

You can lead a customer to the door...

Since the virus, we've only been allowing a certain number of customers in the store at once. For the rest of them, they have to wait in line for people to check out and leave. X people leave, X people are allowed in. Simple, right?

Well not for one guy. When I was monitoring the doors and motioned that five people could come in. The man in front of the line would not move. I must have yelled about 10 times letting them know that they could come in, but this idiot just would not move, standing there AND holding other people up. Eventually I just gave up, waited a couple of minutes and motioned again. This time, I finally got through to the guy, but he was all pissy as if *I* was the one holding him up.

Fucking idiot.

That's not social distancing

I witnessed a fight at my workplace between customers. It happened in that line to get in. I don't know what happened (maybe someone was cutting in line), but two guys were yelling at the guy ahead of them in line. All of a sudden, one of them runs up and starts punching the guy ahead in line. The fight lasted for about 10 seconds before they stopped hitting each other. The two instigators were told to leave and last I saw of them were them getting in their car and driving away. Needless to say, they were not practicing social distancing.

Panhandler fail

So there's this panhandler that frequently comes to our store on his bike to wait outside the door and pester customers for change. He usually comes by around the evening, but then we changed our hours to close earlier. One evening he comes by on his bike to a nearly empty store (it was just me getting the last of the carts in and a few other employees finishing up for the day). So I see him come up on his bike, stop briefly, and then continue on as if he was just passing through.

It was pretty funny to see.

Old 05-09-2020, 12:54 AM
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When my partners went to the grocery store last weekend, they kept getting stuck behind this couple who kept standing in the aisle, looking stupid, just touching everything but not putting anything in their cart. What the hell is wrong with people? Get your shit and get out! Don't stand and block the way with your mouth open like a moron. OH yeah no masks either OF COURSE!
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Old 05-16-2020, 04:18 PM
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The farmstand we get most of our produce from has said that they may need to close down for two weeks to deep clean/monitor employees just due to crap like that. The store has limited capacity and barred entry to anyone without a mask, but we still saw SCs taking masks off to chat inside the store. And social distancing? Forget it. We've both had it with people standing over/pawing the raw produce looking for the perfect whatever and just blocking movement because they can.
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