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Rowan- Deucalion, morning of departure

Rowan gets up early to exercise, as is her habit. After working out, she freshens up a bit and heads to the kitchen to enjoy Sama's cooking. As she has a bit of extra time, she goes ahead and cleans up the dishes before going on with her day.

At crew introduction

Rowan is surprised when the Captain admonishes Wolf, but keeps quiet. Wolf certainly wasn't being very welcoming to their passengers, but that was only to be expected...

When introduced as "Mrs. Rowan Li", she quirks an ironic smile. The captain was forever mixing up titles, and she found it quite amusing.

Overhearing Weyland, Rowan interjects, "Would you be interested in learning a space-safe way to play with metal? My grandparents owned a jewelry store- made some of their own pieces. They taught me some of their techniques."

Addressing the rest of the passengers, "If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask! I should be available most of the time, but in the event that I'm not, another crew member will be happy to help." She turns to Gilchrist and continues, "The labor intensive tasks are pretty well taken care of, but we'll keep that in mind. We do have a small space you can use to work out in, if you so desire."

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Tucker and others - Deucalion, the Galley

"I'm up for cards." Tucker says, "So long as you don't mind me taking a break now and then to make sure we're still on course and not about to crash into anything." He gives a slight smile as if he has made some private joke.

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*Generally about the ship*
They had been underway long enough for the ship's routine to settle down. Aidan "Wolf" McCuan knocked on Lizzie's door.
"May I borrow your copy of 'And Then There Were None' Lizzie?"
He held out the copy of "The Definitive Collection of Sherlock Holmes" he had borrowed the trip previous.
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