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Cute kids and not-cute adults
Old 08-24-2019, 02:29 AM
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Default Cute kids and not-cute adults

A few incidents at work today:

Woman comes up with her groceries and three little girls. Things have slowed down so I ask the girls if they want stickers. Yes, they do, and they all want unicorn stickers. Each picks out two.

Mom: "Okay, [Daughter #1], what do you say?"

Daughter #1: "Thank you ..."

Mom: "[Daughter #2], what do you say?"

Daughter #2: *crickets*

Mom: "[Daughter #2]? What do you say?"

Daughter #2 mumbles sotto voce: "I didn't ASK her for them ..."

Mom handled it very well, reminding the daughter that it was "very nice of the lady" to OFFER them ... and yes, Daughter #2 did say "Thank you."

Not that it's relevant, but they were triplets. I should probably also add they were six years old, so the one child was not, I don't think, being deliberately rude ... she just hadn't quite got the hang of social details yet.

2 Older couple comes up. Wife hands me her rewards card and I scan it.

Husband: "Can I get one of those?"

I'm not sure whether I can activate a new card now that Wife has entered her own card. I call someone else over. She's not sure either but says "Try it." The worst that can happen is the machine will reject the second card.

Wife: "No, no, you can put it on your phone. There's an app."

Husband looks at me.

Me: "Yes, you can do that. Or, next time you're in, if you're buying something, we could ..."

Wife: "No, he can put the app on his phone."

Coworker: "You could try activating a new one after they've paid ..."

Wife: "No! He can get the app!"

This is actually a summation; it went on for longer than this. The wife simply overrode everything, without once asking her husband what HE might want. I wanted to smack her.

3 Woman comes up with cart full of groceries. She is on her cellphone. I start ringing her out and Coworker starts bagging her stuff.

Customer: "Yap yap yap yap ..."

CW is still bagging stuff. Customer is still standing at the "entrance" end of the register.

Customer: "Yap yap yap yap ..."

CW is running out of room to put bags. Customer is not moving.

Customer: "Yap yap yap yap ..."

CW finally picks up a couple of bags and walks to the "entrance" end of the register and puts them into Customer's buggy. She then walks back and picks up two more bags and repeats her walk to get the stuff into the buggy.

It seems to FINALLY dawn on Customer that hey, maybe I should move my buggy to the far end of the register aisle!

I would've been so tempted to just stand there and stare at her, with the unbagged groceries piling up, until the few functioning brain cells she had finally kicked in.
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Old 08-26-2019, 01:00 AM
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Quoth Pixelated View Post
until the few functioning brain cells she had finally kicked in.
You're making an unwarranted assumption there . . .
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