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She's BAAAAACK ...
Old 07-02-2020, 08:48 PM
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Default She's BAAAAACK ...

Some time ago I wrote about the Social Justice Warrior Customer. We have a "points" card and it is routine for the cashiers to ask for it with every transaction. The overwhelming majority of us -- if the customer simply says "No" -- say "Okay" and proceed with the transaction. I've never heard anybody try to push for the customer to get one of the cards (yes, they're free) and I certainly don't.

Apparently this is not enough for SJWC. When she is asked for the card she immediately assumes a dramatic pose and says "I refuse to participate in this blah blah blah". I hate to tell her, but nobody is going to stand her up against a wall and offer her a last cigarette for her brave stance against a stupid points card.

So I hadn't seen her in a LONG time and assumed she was doing click-and-collect or something.


She turned up in my line today. Of course, with the face masks (she was also wearing a sun hat, pulled low) it is going to be damn near impossible to recognize her in future (thanks COVID, you bastard!)

So I asked for the card and she went into her spiel. I was in no mood for it and cut her off mid-dramatic-speech with "$11.47, please." She shut up, paid, and left.

I later called a senior person over and said "If you get a report that I was rude to a customer ... I plead guilty." She just laughed, even though I had no chance to explain exactly what happened.
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Just say no to cards
Old 07-03-2020, 12:25 AM
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Default Just say no to cards

I get asked all the time at different stores, I just say "NO", and they leave me alone. What is hard about that?
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Old 07-03-2020, 10:01 AM
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Nothing says "I don't get paid enough to care" when you just continue like you didn't hear anything they said.
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Old 07-03-2020, 10:54 PM
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How hard is it for some people to simply say "no" and continue on with life? I get being asked about reward cards, upgraded memberships, upgraded warranties, etc is annoying as anything, but it's the cashier's job to ask for it -- just say "no, thank you" and move on with life. So much easier for everyone involved.
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Old 07-06-2020, 04:05 PM
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"No thank you," "Not right now," are my go to phrases.

I'mg lad I'm not a cashier. So far the one good thing about COVID is that at least it's helped to cut down on the "Million dollars" responses whenever I ask if I can help someone find anything.
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