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You Have ...
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Default You Have ...

When gas stations were still full service, my dad, my mom, and my two sisters (I wasn't born, yet) took a road trip to Canada. They were living in Raleigh, NC, USA, at the time. They stopped at a gas station to fill up when the attendant opened the hood. He called over a coworker, who called over another. Soon, the entire staff was in front of my dad's car, looking at the engine.

My dad got out of the car and asked, "What's going on here?"
The attendant said, "Sir, you have an air conditioner."


Decades later, after my dad bought a trailer and truck, he and my mom drove it to Nova Scotia, Canada, from North Carolina, USA.

When he registered at a campground, the clerk said, "I thought you were from the southern US."
Dad asked, "Why do you say that?"
Clerk replied, "Your trailer is the only one I've seen this month with an air conditioner on top."
If you're wondering, my parents didn't need it there despite being summer.
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My Mom is from PEI. My relatives up there didn't have ACs in their cars till the 1990's. Part of it was there was no real need, and part was the environmental impact of the coolant.
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