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Old 11-04-2010, 03:09 PM
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I read about it on a former site called BestBuy sucks.

It all started with an inspection. They were told that the stock room had things stacked too high. Not having the room in the store, someone (I believe a manager) had the wonderful idea of renting several trailers to store the additional merchandise in.

So trailers were rented, loaded, and stored OFF SITE. And when they had the room, they brought the merchandise back in.

Three trailers went out, two came back. The employees were all saying that there was a trailer missing, yet the oh so wise manager swore that there were only two trailers.....

And then inventory time came at the store, and try as they might they could not account for (at the time) roughly $79,000 worth of merchandise - about the amount that one trailer would hold.

This was in the late 1990's.

From the emails I exchanged with that employee, as of 2006 the trailer and the merchandise it contained had yet to be found

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i'm betting they're taking every little step so they can prosecute his ass and keep him from trying to file a suit for wrongful termination (even though he has nothing to support his claim but suspicious acts).

as for the sc, if he's a part of it, they probably can get him, or at the very least, get him on charges for accepting stolen merchandise. (i'm guessing...)
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Does the OP have any updates on this?
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