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Potty tales and other icky things
Old 11-11-2007, 03:00 AM
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Default Potty tales and other icky things

Hey guys, my Inbox has been a little full lately with messages from people who are getting just a tad tired of all the threads lately that contain all kinds of details about the bodily functions and fluids of our members.

I like you guys, and I can laugh at a good fart joke with the best of 'em, but there are only so many things I really need or want to know about my fellow CS'ers, and this latest surge in bathroom stories has become just a tad disturbing.

Some of the comments put forward to me by members who were particularly grossed out, included:
"If it goes in a toilet, it's not something to brag about!!!"
"If it enters or exits any bodily orifice, do we really need to read the details on CS?"
"I pay good money for my food, and I'd like to keep it down."
"This place is starting to look like one of those fetish sites."

I realize there are going to be circumstances when it's necessary to delve into that area when it concerns sucky customers and the way they leave the public bathrooms, but even at that, it would be appreciated if the stories were confined to the suckiness of the customer, rather than one-upping each other with gross details.

So, could we tone it down a bit with our personal potty stories, and at the very least put a "GROSS!" disclaimer on the threads?

Seriously, though, over the past week or so, there have been a few seemingly harmless threads that have just suddenly erupted into one massive orgy of "poop" tales, so the disclaimer is difficult when that happens.

Use some discretion in those cases and think of other members who may not want a daily dose of nasty with their sucky customer stories.

If a thread does start to 'go south', please PM a mod and we will be happy to insert a disclaimer in the title for the benefit of our members with weak stomachs.
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I'm bumping this up as a reminder for all members to please keep squeamish details to a minimum. If it is necessary to include them (such as a story about an SC who trashed a restroom or something like that) that's fine, but please include a disclaimer in the title to warn those with weaker stomachs or who may be browsing while eating.
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