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the "When you become rich and famous" game
Old 11-06-2009, 07:08 PM
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Default the "When you become rich and famous" game

I started this with my band and we've been having fun with it.

When we become rich and famous, I will have:

1. A guy to tune my guitar and mandolin for me. His uniform will consist of a pair of jeans, a very cheap, overwashed white T shirt, and no shoes. He will be hot.

2. Two guys to set up my vardo (gypsy wagon) for when I want to use it. They may wear work boots and untilkilts.

The soprano/fiddler in our group decided that she would like to add at least three more guys to my "set up" crew to help with her tent and also to set up our music tent.

Since we now have a crew of six guys, + the cute girl our drummer/whistle player wanted to add for...I'm not sure, helping his haul his gear, and fetch beers for him, I think, we need a tent for them all the hang out in when they are through. And since that is more work, I'd say we need to add at least a couple more utilikilt guys.

And the other guitar player wanted to add a tuning guy and someone to keep the coffee levels in the music tent up to an acceptable standard.

So I figure, you know, I hate messing around with food when we are trying to play, so, I wanted to add a gullah grandmother to the crew to cook for us.

So, when you become rich and famous, what will it be?

Old 11-06-2009, 07:26 PM
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When I become rich and famous, I'll build a mansion with a supercar for every day of the week. I'll fund my own NFL team and call it "The Seamen", based out of Nebraska. I will have myself taught in archery, swords, martial arts and sleight of hand.
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Old 11-06-2009, 07:27 PM
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When I become rich and famous, I will:

Pay off all my debt (including repaying both parents for all the money they've fronted me ever), and replenish my mom's IRA that was drained by my grandmother.

Buy my mom a house wherever she wants furnished with whatever she wants.

Have two dwellings; a real loft apartment on the waterfront and another (modest) house in Santa Fe, free for family and friends to use. It will be a "green" house, as far off the grid as possible.

Have the ability/tools/shop space (in both locations) to finally build this damn proton pack. I'll also help out fans in the area be it with a secure work space, an extra brain/pair of hands or parts.

Teach myself everything I've wanted to learn, and get every certification I've been chasing for the past 3 years.

Get the land/resources/legal clearance/money for training to own a wolfdog. Beautiful creatures they are.
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Old 11-06-2009, 07:53 PM
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Quoth RecoveringKinkoid View Post
I started this with my band and we've been having fun with it.

When we become rich and famous, I will have:

1. A guy to tune my guitar and mandolin for me. His uniform will consist of a pair of jeans, a very cheap, overwashed white T shirt, and no shoes. He will be hot.
You'd let the hot guys wear anything more than underwear? If I become rich and famous everyone who works around my home will be hot guys and the dress code will be nothing more than underwear. I'll also live somewhere warm.
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Old 11-06-2009, 08:56 PM
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Well, maybe if we do one of those outside gigs where it's over 95 or something. Boxers, then.

The underwear would make him look like he's trying too hard. I don't like that, especially on a man.

The nice thing about the t shirt I described is that you can pretty much see everything anyways, but it doesn't look like he's trying.

Old 11-06-2009, 09:13 PM
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When I become rich and famous I will:
  • Walk out of the hellhole store I work for and never look back.
  • Buy my son a house.
  • Pay off my mortgage.
  • Help some wonderful family members who have helped me over the years.
  • Hire someone to grocery shop and cook for me because I hate doing both!
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Old 11-07-2009, 12:17 AM
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Hmmm . . . when I become rich and famous, I want to - after walking out of the Litter Box and telling them where they can shove it:

1) Take Mom car shopping and get her a handicapped van equipped with chair lift.

2) Buy my Mom and brother whatever house they want and they can have whatever they want to go in it

3) New clothes for all of us . . .

4) Take myself car shopping . . . I'm leaning toward a Dodge Ram dual-cab, my Mom wants me to get a Hummer. Either one would be great.

5) Buy myself either a house nearby or a condo/loft downtown (I used to think I'd want to be out in the country away from everything, but now that I've seen how our downtown area is coming back to life, I think I might like that better.) Find a place right in the middle of everything and I can walk to restaurants, coffee shops, jewelry shops, whatever and wherever I can stick my nose in.

6) Have money, will shop 'til the stores close or I find everything I want for my condo - whichever happens first.

7) Finish outfitting my condo and hire a hunky-looking guy to take care of the housework, clad only in a leopard-print bikini and a smile.

8) And if my Mom wants, I can send another one to her house to take care of her housework . . .since she'll need help anyways.
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Old 11-07-2009, 01:26 AM
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Ooo. I like this game!!

1. Pay off mortgage and ALL debt.

2. Give my current house away to family.

3. Buy (or build!! SQUEEE) my dream home with library and lots of nooks for sitting and reading or daydreaming. My backyard pool will be attended by a guy who looks similar to RKs guitar tuner.

4. Help family members out with various things. Id buy my brother a home and him and his wife 2 matching subarus (they have baddd luck with cars). Also, my nieces and nephews would get college funds.

5. then....id go to Medical school.

Old 11-07-2009, 02:48 AM
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When I'm rich and famous, I will:

-Pay off all college tuition

-Set up a college fund for my sister

-Pay off any debt that I have from financial aid

-Pay off my mom's debt

-Send my grandparents to Rome for a vacation

- Send my mom to any place she wants for a vacation

-Build that dream house in the country with a special someone

-Save up for my dream weddings and honeymoon...someone knows what I'm talking about =)
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Old 11-07-2009, 02:56 AM
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When I am rich and famous...

I will pay off my parents and grandparents mortgages

I will establish a trust fund to pay for my brothers if they choose to go to graduate school or for use on a house

I will purchase my parents a house of their choosing in a warm environment (they both hate Upstate NY winters)

I will make a sizable donation to my former high school and college for the benefits they provided me in life

I will buy myself a modest (but with everything me and a special someone could ever want) house

I will pay off my college debts in one fell swoop and will also pick up the tab for my special someone's college

I will send the special person's sister to college (and pick up the tab for her mother's classes)

I'll set aside a sizable chunk of money to cover any educational expenses for my children

I'll do one selfish thing for myself and buy tickets to all four of golf's major championships with airfare and hotel included (The Masters, US Open, British Open, and PGA Championship) for me and my dad and brothers

Pay for my dream weddings with a special someone and take her on a mindblowingly awesome honeymoon
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