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Quoth Nunavut Pants View Post
... signs up that show the resale value of all the items in the store ...
Most home improvement stores have a list of contractors they recommend. This store can one-up the competition with a list of fences.
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Quoth Nunavut Pants View Post
You should just start putting signs up that show the resale value of all the items in the store, so shoplifters know which things to grab first...
One of the ironies of all this ... we are not permitted to take our company vests home. Because, you know, somebody might steal it and pose as an employee. Because nobody at any store knows any other employee.

We can't have spare rolls of receipt paper at our stations, because somebody might steal them.
We can't have staplers at our stations, because somebody might steal them.

And so on.

But stealing several hundred dollars worth of product ... oh well ...
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Of course.

If a customer shop lifts from you, then you are just providing customer service.

But only employees would dare steal vests and register tape and staplers, and that's stealing from the company.

It makes perfect sense right?
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Sounds like your place uses the GameStop security method: Just blame the workers for all shrinkage.
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I think I was told in my early days with the company not to keep the register tape out in the open because customers could take it and make copies of receipts. Honestly if you go through that much trouble to get some money from a company, I say you deserve to have it. Now our registers are updated that it rejects any item that tries to get returned more than once.
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