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To the bus driver in Niagara Falls...
Old 10-01-2019, 12:54 AM
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Default To the bus driver in Niagara Falls...

...thanks again for the lift!

A bit of backstory for you all... I'd gone up to Albany, NY to meet up with friends and shoot some trains. On the way back, I thought I'd take a trip up north into Canada. I hadn't been up there in a long time, so thought "why not?" Did my car get 'randomly' searched at the border? Of course it did. The next morning, I got on the free (at least to me, my hotel had given me a pass) city bus, to the GO station, where I caught another bus (and eventually a train) to Toronto.

3 hours later, I was pulling into Union Station, a few blocks from the CN Tower. After touring the tower and waterfront, it was time to head back. Yes, I know. Getting back, the GO bus was late, and it was seriously dark in Niagara Falls. Turns out that the free bus doesn't run to where I was. Keep in mind that it's dark and I'm in an unfamiliar area, with a 2-mile walk ahead of me. Also, I had about $2 on me. Yes, I know.

Not looking forward to the walk, as I was passing the bus shelter, the city bus (not the free WEGO one) came around the corner. It pulled up, the doors popped open, and the driver asked if I needed a lift. I said that I did, but couldn't afford the fare. She insisted I get on, since "it's dark and the neighborhood is a bit odd at night." I repeated that I couldn't afford the fare, and she told me not to worry about it. She paid the fare, and wouldn't even take what I could give her.

At home, if I had that happen, I'd have been told to get off the bus. But, this kind stranger helped me out, when she really didn't have to. If you're reading this, thanks again!
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