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Fun with the YTA
Old 08-15-2006, 07:55 PM
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Default Fun with the YTA

We've been doing some work for a local group henceforth referred to by their initials, YTA. And it's getting to the point where we're about ready to tell them to piss off and die.

1) Our first recent call was listed as: Move and setup a new PC. When C, our tech, got there, he found out that it was 3 computers, 2 printers and a hub. And, he did it, too.

2) They call back the next day saying that C killed their internet. Not 'our internet is down', 'your tech killed our internet'.
Ok. For one, WE'RE not your ISP. (We ARE an ISP as well as a computer shop, but still.)
Two, it worked when he left. The bitchy woman overseeing this watched him register and activate Windows, as well as update Windows and their antivirus.
Turns out that their hub is dead and their firewall server is toasty.

So, the hub is replaced, the server is brought in to try and salvage. It came in at 4:00 yesterday. When I got in at 8:00 this morning, there was already a voicemail asking about it.

3) I got a call again today 1) asking about the server (File recovery takes a long time, wait!), asking why we didn't set up your e-mail and about a 3-month old quote on a new server.
On the e-mail:
BW: Your techs didn't set up our e-mail!
Me: We don't do that unless it's specifically requested. It's assumed to be the customer's responsibility. Plus, we're not your ISP and, therefore, don't have the info to set it up.
BW: So, you expect me to tell the secretaries that they have to set up their e-mail accounts themselves?
Me: Well...yes.

After I handed the phone to the sales guys to talk about the quote, he came back 5 minutes later with the phone, with a facial expression similar to that of someone who just ate a pile of dog turds.
'What a (fornicating) idiot.'

And it gets better-this woman is the ex-French-teacher of our manager. They have a mutual loathing. I can't wait until he goes down there to tell her off.
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