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Every FRIGGEN Saturday! (that I work)
Old 06-30-2018, 04:26 PM
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Default Every FRIGGEN Saturday! (that I work)

I get some miserable buttnugget
Today's winner of almost getting hit with a wet fish across the face-
Couple comes in for touchup paint.
I don't stock it really, no room right now.
I go up front and he's bossing not asking, ok..VIN #
So I can
1- put in the system to
2- dig though the 50 sales codes that is you cars build and find the random 3 digit code that is your paint that varies from model and year even though yours is UBER cool orange.
3- take that code, pull out a real book, and transpose that to a tiny part # then put it in the system to tell you 2 weeks and $18.
WAIT there's more!
While doing 1-3 the receptionist comes back to check on me, because they are getting mouthy and "oh I be he's just fucking off and ignoring us"
I'm 2 seconds from getting up and finishing #3 in the 5 whole min it took me.
She go back and tell them so, so they wonder off
I'm right behind her we have to call them over then he gets pissy it's just a pen.
It's touch up, not repaint a section.
No we don't sell "paint" we don't even do collision, you need to go to a paint store.
I know where he can go, and where to go for paint but I have reason to volunteer that info. Gave him his paint code and sent them packing.

I had a nice guy call who got some stuff this week, now needs random axle nut today,
I no gots, but being he had a clue and was nice, I also pointed him to a dealer near by who did have it so he could get it done today rather than, oh well can be here tuesday.
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