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Power Outage before Christmas *long*
Old 12-27-2018, 03:05 AM
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Default Power Outage before Christmas *long*

Here in the land of rain and coffee, we had a bunch of windstorms come through, the biggest one (up here at least) was the week before Christmas. So on Wednesday the power went out at the big grocery store near my house, apparently. I go to do my normal shopping early Saturday morning. First I notice all the lights are out at the attached gas station, but the pumps work and I can see an attendant in his little room with the lights off. Huh. I go to the store and yikes. Half the overhead lights are out, and all of the lights are out for the frozen and refrigerated sections.

They normally stock during this time, but today it's really bad. Pallets everywhere, and huge sections are completely bare. There's easily twice the normal amount of employees on the floor. A small army is clearing out an aisle in the frozen section, and I can't get some things I had on my list. This sets the scene for when I go to the register.

They still only have a small amount of cashiers, which is normal for this time of morning, I sort of expected more since it's the weekend before Christmas. But it's not terrible. I'm about to put my stuff on the belt when the lady in line in front of me realizes she has left her purse in her car and runs off. I tell the people behind me in line, and we sort of sadly look around to see if we should move. But mad props to the lady, she must have RAN the whole way. She gets back just after the person in front of her is finished paying, and in a flash grabs all her stuff off the belt because she actually left her purse at home, poor thing! She didn't hold any of us up at all.

But wait, there's more. Apparently when the power surged three days previous, it blew out... Something. That's why the lights still weren't on. The store did have power, it wasn't running off of generators like I had assumed. So the belt wasn't working, and hadn't been since Wednesday. Still, the cashier was nice, the other customers were nice, and everyone generally acted like normal sane human beings. I didn't hear anyone so much as grumbling.
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