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Word Dysphagia
Old 05-12-2018, 04:52 PM
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Default Word Dysphagia

And Mytical story time Some horror stories about dementia, so that the sightings area can be about sightings .

Story the 1 (Word Dysphagia) - Where I used to live there was an old brick sidewalk, commonly known as cobblestone. I was walking down it to sign over power of attorney to somebody, because I had been having blackouts and dementia.. ended up in the hospital because of it. I wanted to have somebody I could trust if I ended up with full blown dementia able to make decisions without fuss or muss.

M - Me
G - Guardian (my mother)

M- Oh I like this.. (can not find the word brick)
G - This what Mytical?
M - Cobblestone? no that is the word I was looking for...
G - Oh yes it is nice.

For 3 hours I searched for the word Brick. The more frustrated I became, the harder it became to think of that simple word.

Story the 2 - I took a shower, remembered getting in the shower... next thing I knew I was in the kitchen, nude but dry.. with no clue how I got there.. what I was doing there. I am just glad I didn't walk out the back door (which is in the kitchen) stark naked.

Story the 3- I was talking to somebody through text.

M -
F - Friend

M - R
F - ??
M - RR
F - ??
F - Mytical are you ok?
M - Yes, I am fine why?
F - Read the messages.

Thing is what I typed made perfect sense when I typed it. It was not a mistype, or hitting enter before the message went through... I knew perfectly what I was typing meant.. at least when I typed it. No clue what I was trying to say once the dysphagia cleared up though.

Story the 4 - Slipped into a coma for 5 days. Went for a surgery to stop me from throwing up blood. When I woke though.. I had no clue where I was, why I was there, who the strange people were looking over me (my parents). What year it was, who was president.... nothing. I didn't even recognize my own name...
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