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Old 03-01-2013, 01:25 AM
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Quoth Peppergirl View Post
People need to remember we have private messaging here. There's been many a time I've asked a nosey question via message.
I like to think about it as similar to my "Parody Policy" on The Crazy is Taking Over.

(Now bear with me) When I write a parody that is just generically customer related, I post it with no qualms whatsoever. BUT, when I started writing parodies that referenced individual members I PM'd them for permission before posting. Most of the members I PM'd I had NEVER PM'd before, but I felt I needed to do so, out of RESPECT.

And that right there is the point.

It is a matter of respect to be considerate of another contributors right to keep the details private. And respect of everyone else on this site is a big reason why it has been in existence for as long as it has, without devolving into the petty bickering so many other similar sites have been known to do.

Heck, I bet most (not all) of the Rules on CS.com can be boiled down to "Be Respectful".

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Old 10-08-2014, 12:24 AM
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Unfortunately, we have to bump this one again. One of our long-time members got "outed" by a co-worker, who signed up on here as a member, and then proceeded to tattle to the other member's manager. This member didn't get fired, thankfully, but now finds themselves on thin ice at their job.

I can't stress this enough -- be careful about any identifying information on here, and be careful who you reveal your identify to. We have no rule against it, but you do it at your own risk, and the consequences can be severe, which our member has found out the hard way.
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