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May I brag?
Old 05-16-2019, 06:43 PM
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Default May I brag?

As many of you know, I went through a truly fiendish work experience that came to a halt a couple of years ago when my asshole fuckhead "manager" fired me without warning (which, by the way, is against the law 'round these here parts).

I got a temp job last year, with the understand that it was temporary. Okay, no problem, good hours, good location, and I negotiated a higher wage with the manager. The job went longer than I thought, which was just fine.

Well. I was approached by the company recently. They asked if I'd be willing to take on another temp assignment, doing the same work. I agreed. Same hours, same pay, same premises, no problem.

Now, however, we have an extra person above us, and last year's manager is taking on more of a consultancy role, given that he's got a lot on his plate even without this assignment. Our manager is an absolute dream. Quiet, calm, very effective in communicating, very organized, very fair. We all do extremely well with him in charge.

Today, Manager talked to each of us in turn, letting us know what was expected of us. When my turn came, he told me I'm "head and shoulders" above the others in terms of my output. He has no complaints whatsoever. I told him I'm interested in having a more permanent role with the company (which is now looking for full-time employees), and told him about certain skills I have that the company can definitely use.

He took several notes and said he'd bring this to the attention of the person in charge of hiring.

After some unbelievably brutal "managers", this is not just a breath of fresh air. It's almost like being reborn.

Furthermore, I ran into a friend of mine from a former job who had stayed in said job long after I was gone. She told me she had finally had enough, and had handed in her resignation. (This job has one of the worst managers imaginable, a control freak who will abuse and abuse and abuse as long as he is allowed. He just won't quit, and makes his hatred of the world so obvious that it's almost palpable. This guy's hatred could occupy a good-sized country.)

"When are you leaving?" I asked.

She smiled and said, "In the summer, so I can ruin his vacation."
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Old 05-16-2019, 08:06 PM
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I wish you both luck -- For you, in getting a perm job with these better show-runners; to your ex-CW, that he may land on his feet and get something better soon (hell, maybe see if he qualifies to be where you're going)
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