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Speaking of people "out of the loop"...
Old 04-19-2020, 06:02 AM
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Default Speaking of people "out of the loop"...

OK, usually during the spring and summer and into the fall, our small printing business does up a flyer for people who want to advertise garage sales. People bring us their info, we type them all up with a little map, and bargain hunters come to us on the weekends so they can find pre-used bargains. It's a big thing in our small town, and it gets people in the door and on their minds.

However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak and social distancing and the general fear of getting sick from strangers has people not doing this.

Today I got a call from someone asking "Are there any garage sales today?"

Me: "No, no one is having any sales."

Them: "Why?"

That took me a moment to process...

Me: "Um... with the pandemic, and the social distancing... would you want a hundred strangers showing up at your house?"

Them: "... oooh. Right."


Some people.

(and I knew who the guy was, he runs a business that is currently being affected by the lack of people traveling BECAUSE of the pandemic...)
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Old 04-19-2020, 06:53 PM
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Old 04-19-2020, 08:29 PM
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The number of times I've thought "Hey! I have time right now. I should do *thing I haven't done in a long time*" Then remembering everything is closed. At least I remember it before I start calling around.

Old 04-20-2020, 02:39 AM
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I saw the words 'garage sales' and thought "Yeah, I bet I know where this is going ..."

Didn't quite hit it on the nose (I thought somebody would be calling to advertise a huge garage or neighbourhood sale) -- well, at least you didn't get a lecture on how COVID is a hoax or something similar.
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