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Thatís not how delivery to this store works
Old 06-29-2020, 05:40 AM
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Default Thatís not how delivery to this store works

So right now we arenít writing rain checks because of COVID and are selling out of a lot of things because deliveries are wonky right now (despite perfectly good crops that are local or at least from our country HO insists on getting produce from everywhere except in province. NM anything thatís canned or boxed and so doesnít spoil as easily).

For some reason this SC seems to think we have an orchard in the back room and can just pull fruits from the trees that grow back there.

SC:The usual ďis there more in the back?Ē (Obviously not or we would put it out if for no other reason then we have no work left to keep stockers busy as thereís no stock to put out.)

Mewho doesnít even work that department) unfortunately not.

SC: well arenít you going to even check? Complete with huff.

Me: there isnít enough space in the back to store anything, everything goes on the shelf as soon as the truck comes in.

SC: well I know grocery stores keep their best stock in the back for employees. (Keeping in mind that due to getting no store discount there isnít a single employee who shops here) I worked in a grocery store as my first job while I paid for school (back when $200 got you a degree instead of the near $20,000 a year they ask now. But surely nothing has changed since those good olí days grandma).

Me: the only thing kept in the back are store supplies, like paper bags and cleaner and stuff. Aside from meat/seafood who share a freezer and the frozen foods freezer there is no food kept in the back. (Yes my temper was starting to show. I have very little patience for outright stupidity, or bitches other then my own people)

SC: (note: our name tags have our year of hire on them for what purpose I have no fucking clue) looks at nametag. Well no wonder youíve worked here so long, probably too lazy to go to school and get a real job.

...oh she did not just go there....

Me: actually Iím working on my masters degrees. Trying to figure out if I can get away with using the same thesis for two of them since the subjects have so much overlap. Iíve already got a thesis for my business and history degrees picked out (okay thatís a lie. Iím still not entirely sure wtf Iím doing for either of them or really how to write a proper thesis anyway come to think of it. Imagine if they taught that instead of how Europeans were dicks to the natives when they first came over, like thatís news...4 years running. And people wonder why I refuse to have anything to do with Ďeducationí in this country).

SC: scoffs, *you* got accepted to -name of local university- I went there and I canít believe it.

Me: nope, didnít even bother applying to *that* school. Iím at -school- perhaps youíve heard of it? Itís one of the top 50 schools in the world rankings. (Last I checked as of 2019 their school barely made 300-400th.)

SC: scrunches up face an leaves. Probably to complain. Which is why my name on my tag is carefully concealed. That way I can say Iím wearing it without getting in shit for every bitchy customer that just doesnít like the answer theyíre given.
*my thoughts on the university in this city are well known. As is my absolute disgust with their exploitation of students looking to improve their knowledge and pay grade. Letís just say that rent is cheaper then some of their book costs.
Donít worry about what Iím up to. Worry about why you are worried about what Iím up to.
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Old 06-29-2020, 03:08 PM
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Default Ha

A) When I took a part time job at Arby's I kept meeting customers I used to meet as the head technician at the company I used to work for. They stupidly would think this was a step down when in-fact I already had no bills (always taxes however), work half the hours I use to in the computer field and now went on cruise/camping/cabin trips all the time because I was not tied to my work place.

B) When I was a computer tech, my REQUIRED name tag said "The Unknown Technician". everyone at work knew who that was but it really threw people for a loop is they wanted to use your name to berate you.
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