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The Euro 16 thread
Old 04-20-2015, 11:09 AM
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Default The Euro 16 thread

Since we haven't gotten one for sporty fans

Qualifying so far

Group A:
13 Czech Republic
12 Iceland
7 Holland
5 Turkey
3 Latvia
1 Kazakhstan

Should be Czech and Iceland(their 1st major tournament)

Group B:
11 Wales
11 Belgium
9 Israel
6 Cyprus
5 Bosnia
0 Andorra

Tight here between Belgium,Wales(trying to qualify for their 1st tournament since 1958) and outsiders Israel

Group C:
15 Slovakia
12 Spain
9 Ukraine
4 Belarus
3 Macedonia
1 Luxembourg

Slovakia and Spain should have this tied up

Group D
11 Poland
10 Germany
10 Scotland
8 Ireland
3 Georgia
0 Gibraltar

Very tight-any of the top four could make it

Group E
15 England
9 Slovenia
9 Switzerland
6 Lithuania
4 Estonia
1 San Marino

England should be home and dry-Slovenia or Switzerland to join them?

Group F
13 Rumania
12 Northern Ireland
8 Hungary
4 Finland
3 The Faroes
2 Greece

Rumania and NI(their 1st tournament since 1986).Greece the Euro '04 champions are languishing below the mighty Faroes!

Group G
13 Austria
9 Sweden
8 Russia
5 Montenegro
4 Liechtenstein
1 Moldova

Austria and Sweden should be going through.Liechtenstein move out of their normal bottom slot.

Group H
13 Croatia
11 Italy
9 Norway
5 Bulgaria
3 Azerbaijan
1 Malta

It's between Croatia,Italy and Norway here

Group I
9 Portugal
7 Denmark
7 Albania
1 Serbia
1 Armenia

It's Portugal,Denmark or Albania.If Albanian appeals over the abandoned game are upheld(for fun with flags,it beats Sheldon Cooper any day),they will move up the table.The return Albania-Serbia match in October should be...interesting
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