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A Re-Re-Re-Re-RE-Introduction (hopefully)
Old 09-16-2019, 11:22 AM
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Talking A Re-Re-Re-Re-RE-Introduction (hopefully)

Good morning, y'all! I haven't posted on here in a hot minute, mostly because after what happened at Warner I was unemployed for an entire year and upon my return into call center life, I found myself far too busy to post. Honestly, I can't remember if I posted anything at all in 2015/2016 when I was in IT, because I would've had time at that point, but I didn't really have anything to complain about because IT was amazing.

So a quick and brief overview for anyone that doesn't remember me or is otherwise generally wondering where I've been...

2007: Joined up with the highest level of residential technical support that Time Warner Cable offered.
2010: Fired from Time Warner Cable for transferring billing calls to the billing department, something I was never trained on and was outside the scope of my work, but they justified by stating it was call avoidance. Yeah, that wasn't fun to explain in interviews.
Remainder of 2010: An incredibly depressing year full of prospects and continuous disappointments where I was unemployed and constantly worried about how to make ends meet, taking care of my kids, etc. Also decided NOT to go to my 10 year high school reunion because that would be an awkward conversation.
2011: Joined up at my current company doing customer service begrudgingly because I really didn't want to be in a call center environment again, but still enjoying it because at least I was working again and I really dug this call center's culture and solidarity, which I'd never experienced in a call center setting before.
2012: Got into, at the time, the highest level of residential technical support.
2013: Worked numerous projects, some of my own design, but also started getting massively burnt out because of all the overtime I was forced to work to afford yet another new car (both of our previous cars died over the past few years) so that my wife could continue to go to school.
2014: My wife was forced to resign, I was almost fired for errors I was making due to the endless levels of stress, and I had to work more overtime than ever to make up for the lost wages.
2015: Had panic attacks, suffered a concussion after falling on black ice, almost got fired while waiting on FMLA to go through...then I got into IT. All my stress went away, I got back into doing all kinds of free online courses, started reading eBooks on a regular basis...everything was great.
2016: Everything was still great until 4th quarter when they had a budget cut in IT and my position was deemed unnecessary. Sigh...back to the phones.
2017: Depression and stress creeped back into my life. Started looking for government positions outside the company, hopefully IT in nature. Wife got put in the hospital in December after it was determined her legs swelling was the sign of a larger condition. And while all of this was going on and I felt like my world was collapsing...I got a message on FB congratulating me on my new position. Started working case management, which I'll explain in a bit because the title isn't explanatory in the slightest.
2018 and 2019: Minus a few small issues, this is literally the best position I've ever worked anywhere ever. Wifey's doing a little better, but she has to wear lymphedema pumps for 4 hours a night. Kids are in sports and loving it and I'm earning enough money that I can pretty much keep up with everything gaming, which is great because my Internet is fast enough now to stream pretty much everything I do.

*Case Management - I get a case, mine it to determine fail points on our end as well as how this became a case (i.e. multiple counts of signal loss, video issues, customer education, etc.), then I reach out to a customer in case there are any follow up issues and give them my direct contact information so they can follow up with me as a sort of VIP line. We're a department of 100 specialists from around the country that work together to retain customers that are possibly at risk based on algorithmic data.

So...glad to be back. I still get sucky customers, but mostly I get sucky business processes and sucky coworkers. Oh! I'm also a hyper active member in my local IoT club where we've designed all kinds of cool gadgets and are still making and learning stuff on the regular. I've amassed a giant eLibrary of over 1000 books and assigned curriculums to different core members to help get them up to speed.

Things are pretty awesome at the moment, but I'll definitely drop info for when there are suck moments, for sure.
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Welcome back to CS! Always good to see a friendly face!
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Welcome home!
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