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The Customer Complaint Letter Game
Old 12-19-2009, 08:18 AM
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Talking The Customer Complaint Letter Game

In this game, you get to play the part of an annoyed customer and write a letter to management. The person below will play the part of the manager and respond to the letter and write a customer letter for the person below them.

Dear Mr. Manager,

I was in your store today and your employees have the worst customer service ever. I asked the supervisor if there was anyone who could open another register and she told me there was no one available. I requested that she open another register and she told me that she needed to keep an eye on the employees. I've already waited in line for twenty minutes and I do tons of business with you since I'm in the store all the time. I'm a very important customer and I shouldn't have to wait in line. If it happens again, I will never shop at your store again.


Mrs. Customer
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