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Old 03-06-2020, 01:57 AM
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We have a small basket of free fruits at the front of the store for kids. I've lost track of the number of parents (and occasionally their kids ) who will say to me "Do you have a garbage pail back there?" and hand me the banana peels.

Of course, I'm not the one who would find the peels if some slob left them behind. So far, though I've not heard of it happening.
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Old 03-06-2020, 02:12 AM
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Oh yeah, we have our own basket of clementines and bananas for the kiddies at the front of the store, and I'm always finding discarded peels and rinds in carriages.
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Old 03-15-2020, 08:20 PM
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My wife used to work in a supermarket, the biggest peeve for most of the staff there was when someone picked up a fresh product from the butchery/fish dept/deli/etc, then had second thoughts and rather than sticking it in a chiller so it stayed cool, shoved it in the FREAKIN' FREEZER.

By the time it was found or someone handed it over, the product had frozen solid and they had no choice but to count it as wasteage due to store policy stating they can't sell 'fresh, perishable' products that have been frozen, then subsequently thawed out in case the customer that picks it up wants to freeze it themselves.
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