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The other store
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Default The other store

Customers always claim the other store is cheaper, however when they are telling the truth they run into some little problems.

If the other store is cheaper, then often it sells out it's product in no time (especially if it is a loss-leader with limited stock). I remember more than once a customer complaining that our store was too expensive, then when told that they should get the bargain they claimed was available go:

"But they are out of stock there, you should sell me the same item at the same price of [competitor].".

More funny is if they leave to go to the other store, only to find they read the price wrong (more expensive than us) or the the store is out of stock, and they have to come back to us to get the item they wanted.
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I worked last night and it was strangely quiet for a Saturday. Only one customer trying to get the new sale that hadn't started yet and was okay to come back today. My coworker had one couponer that seemed to go smoothly. Then about 10 minutes before we closed my coworker we just kinda standing around since there wasn't much to do when I car pulled into the lot. So as one would do I started telling them to do away and they were not wanted here. The person got out of the car and then turned right around and pulled away. My coworker and I just looked at each other and started laughing.

Just to be clear, there was nobody in the store and the person never made it to the door. Obviously, I have untamed super powers.
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