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I am not an ergonomics specialist
Old 04-11-2018, 03:05 AM
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Default I am not an ergonomics specialist

This was supposed to be a simple chair delivery. I check the address and I fear the worst. It's not quite a 1%-er neighbourhood, but it is a 10%-er neighbourhood. I believe in and support capitalism, but at the same time, the greed that allows people to be so far above the rest disgusts me. I don't want to hijack my own thread, so I'll stop this here, just trying to give a flavour of my mindset going in. I pull in and I see that it's a luxury condo complex. On top of the high 6 figure price of the condo, you've got fees that are likely double what most people pay in rent. Okay, no big deal, rich people are people too, let's hope for the best. I offload the box and park my truck. On top of my general contempt for the area itself, I'm on edge because I'm expecting to be treated like a second class citizen for daring to be in this territory and wearing steel toes and carrying a tool box. I'm stopped by security before even reaching the door and he doesn't disappoint.

SG: You were supposed to go to the front desk first.

He puts me off right away by not giving me the human courtesy of a greeting, nor does he identify himself as somebody that I should give a shit about what he has to say. But I see that he has a ring of keys and a 2-way radio, so I figure out who he is and decide to be the better person

Me: Well I didn't, so what would you like me to do sir?
SG: You should have gone to the front desk before you took that out.
Me: Yeah, we've been over that. What would you like me to do now?
SG: You can't take that through the lobby.
(He motions to the rear of the building, implying that there is a service entrance, but doesn't say this).
Me: It's a box, you mean to tell me that tenants here can't take a box through the front door? ... Whatever, what would you like me to do with it?
SG: Who is this for?
Me: It's for suite 704
SG: What is it?
Me: The product she ordered
SG: What did she order?
Me: That's none of your business, I don't disclose client information
SG: Well you can't bring it through the lobby.
Me: I'm going to ask you one more time, then I'm going to mark this call down as 'security denied access' and you can explain to the client why she's not getting her product today. What would you like me to do?
SG: Hold on.

He goes and discusses things with the concierge

SG: You can bring it through the lobby.

My sarcasm meter is at critical mass right now. I want to let it explode but instead suck it in and give a simple 'Thanks' and enter the hallowed and sacred ground of the lobby. Well that was fun, but at least it's over now. Oh no, not yet, I've got to go through the same song and dance with the concierge. I do my best to stay professional, but I make a point of getting some shots in, particularly when a tenant walks right past us wheeling a box. But finally, I'm permitted access... almost. Apparently, 10:00 is arriving early for a 9-12 delivery window, I need to wait 5 minutes while she gets ready. This is just getting better and better. But I'm not going to let it ruin my day, no problem, I'll just wait.

I give it 10 minutes, but that was still to early, so I continue waiting at her door. The first thing I hear is a yappy dog that's barking and running at me as she opens the door. I like dogs, this isn't a problem for me, but the lack of courtesy and being completely oblivious to the fact that someone might have a problem with a dog shows me the kind of person I'm about to deal with.

She tells me that I need to remove my shoes. Health and safety regulations require me to have my steel toes on at all times. But I just want to get this over with, it's just a chair, fine whatever lady, I'll do it.

Oh, and she doesn't want a box being brought into her suite. Happy thoughts, evilhomer, happy thoughts. Okay, no problem, I'll un-box it out here. I've got it together in minutes, I plop it inside her door and I'm on my way.

Nope, she needs it taken to her "office". It's a chair on wheels you lazy twat, move it yourself.... okay, ten more seconds and I'm on my way.

No, you can't wheel it over there, it will damage her precious floor, it must be carried. I just took off my steel toes for you bitch, now you expect me to lift this thing and walk across your slippery floor, through a path that you haven't bothered clearing. I'm so frustrated by this point I just do it, if I slip, this bitch better have a good lawyer. Okay, your chair is now in your office, carried so as not to hurt your precious floor, please fuck off and don't come again.

I'm going to show her how to use it right? IT'S A FUCKING CHAIR! Your ass goes there. Okay, okay. I give her a quick rundown of what each lever does, figuring it out for myself as I go along, while she is doing the classic "I'm asking you how this works but not bothering listening because I know better". Somehow I get through this and I'm done.
Nope, I have to show her the optimal ergonomic settings for each adjustable piece. I'm sorry, I'm not an ergonomics specialist, I suggest just going with what feels comfortable for you. But the vendor told her I would know these things. Yeah lady, here's a secret, vendors are douchebags who view you as a dollar sign, they will lie to you in a heartbeat if it means making the sale. Well there are some ergonomic tips on the instruction booklet here, and you can check this website for further information. Okay, now we're done.


Now she needs me to remove the keyboard tray from her desk. The fact that she told me that I need to do this as opposed to asking me pissed me off to no end. You paid for a chair delivery, there is not a single word in 'chair delivery' that includes an installation service call. But it's literally 2 minutes work, I'm not going to leave a customer unhappy over 2 minutes of work. I let her know it's an extra, joking that I won't tell if she doesn't. Quite frankly, I'm expecting a tip for going above and beyond the above and beyond that I've already gone to. I get that done, even offering to take it away and put it in the garbage room.

And what do I get for my patience and excellence. A reluctant signature and practically pushed out the door.
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